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Formed in China in 2006, SAITELL Technology is a professional manufacturer and supplier of surveillance device, including digital video recorder, speed dome camera, CCTV camera, and more. We fully realize that a technology advantage is critical to business growth. Hence, we strive to maintain technology superiority and remain committed to reaching new frontiers through continuous innovation. SAITELL looks to expand its platform in worldwide markets and provide global clients with superior monitoring solutions.

During recent years, SAITELL has taken a leading role in surveillance device manufacturing due to our independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities. We offer not only complete monitoring solutions, but also supply surveillance accessories to meet any of your related needs. Our digital video recorder, IP camera, and speed dome camera are omnipresent, being used in embassies, airports, banks, railway stations, ports, hotels, high ways, shopping centers and more.

Understanding the importance of product reliability, we are committed to adhering to high standards of business integrity and ethics in all our activities. Driven by our strong SAITELL values, we aspire to create an environment where teams of dedicated people with diverse talent can grow to their full potential. All production processes have been accredited in terms of ISO14001 certification. Today SAITELL's operational footprint extends to more than 50 countries, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and more.

Quality Control
We take the following steps to ensure the quality of our stand-alone DVR, PTZ camera and IR camera, etc.
1. All raw materials are carefully selected and inspected.
2. Advanced production equipment is used and routinely inspected and serviced.
3. All operators and employees are thoroughly trained.
4. All SAITELL products have passed the European Union RoHS standard and are CE, 3C certified
5. All products must pass strict inspection before delivery.
6. We operate under the principle that "Quality is the life of a product"

Cost Control
1. Our factories have been accredited in terms of ISO14001, and our advanced management system increases efficiency and reduces costs.
2. Advanced production equipment such as our SMT production line provides a highly efficient production rate.
3. Reduction of any unnecessary surplus of products by strict stock control reduces our warehousing costs.
4. Professional logistics personnel are employed to control the physical distribution of products.
5. Bulk purchasing allows us to acquire raw materials at reduced cost.
6. We perform PCBA processing. By cooperating with outsourcing manufacturing partners, mass production can be achieved with less time cost.

1. Presale: Samples, product consultation and project models can be provided.
2. Sale: Free spare parts are included with your purchase. Delivery time is approximately one week. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the destination and transportation method.
3. After sale: We offer a 5-year warranty which includes maintenance and technical support. Within the warranty period, exchanges and free maintenance are provided. Customers do not pay for transportation. If any quality issues occur, please contact us for technical support via telephone, email, or any method available on our site.
4. We can also provide project designs, customized products, online training, in-person training, and OEM services.

Should you wish to view our SAITELL products, please visit the relevant web pages. We sincerely look forward to working with you!

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